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Idea To Consider For Future Contests

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Make it so the contest has a more creative process and is more user friendly.

Each member of FV chooses their own top 3 Artist and they all win respective prizes.
I know people like things to be extra competitive but the thing is, this contest is not getting any smaller and what better way to make it stand out than to expand the opportunities given?

More win less whine, Plus it would be interesting to see the different tastes in each artist. I don't see how this wouldn't make a great improvement. The contest would be way more interesting!


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Good idea they could make it like the show The Voice or The Taste. Where the artists know who they got chosen by.



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It is a good idea but it would just be more stuff to give away and it sounds like more work too. FV is so busy it seems like with all these new songs and videos they keep putting out I'm sure they want to keep the contest as simple as possible IMO.


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