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Funk Volume 2012 - Birmingham, UK.

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1 Funk Volume 2012 - Birmingham, UK. on 9/11/2012, 1:25 pm


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So i bought tickets to this show tomorrow and i can't wait! I'm literally losing my mind with excitement for it.

I've seen hundreds and hundreds of bands live, but it's been 100% metal music, so i'm psyched to go to my first Hip Hop show. I've no doubt Hopsin is going to tear the place down. I've actually been to the venue 3 times for bands in the past 2 years, and the room he's playing is MASSIVE, i've never seen him play a room that big in any videos, going to be mental.

Also: Dame told me straight up that it'll be DJ Hoppa, Hopsin and Dizzy Wright only at the show, which is cool but i was fairly vocal about no Jarren set. Turns out Jarren is in the UK and will be at the show, so week = made.

Anyone else been to ANY of the shows on the 2012 tour so far? How was it?



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I went to the FV2012 show in Dallas and....




It was my first concert so I dont have any other experiences to compare it to but the venue was super chill and when Hopsin heard I came alone he actually seemed genuinely concerned about how I was getting home (He's MAD cool and so is everyone in FV).

I KNOW you're gonna have a blast, EVERYONE has great stage presence and WILL rip the stage when its time to turn it up. no doubt about that.

now i wish i can go with you!! LOL

kinda sucks you dont get to see SwizZz though :/


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