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Underwhelming responses to Knock Madness

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I feel like the response to the album has been underwhelming for the quality of it. I liked the production a lot and feel like it has some really great songs.

Here's a hater comment I read on a popular hip hop forum, it was top voted. Everyone hates Hopsin there so it doesn't really have any meaning. 
So far the only good song is Who's There and it's only because of the features.
Lol @ Hopsin saying he's better than Kendrick, tho.

Edit: I'll do a mini review. I'll go in with an open-mind even though I usually dislike Hopsin.

The Fiends are Knocking
 : Extremely forgettable. Usual Hopsin production, lyrics suck. He's talking about how many people he's "saving" and how he changed the world. (2/10)

Hop is Back
 : This one is kinda entertaining. Everyone has heard it, tho. (6/10)

Who's There
 : The song is real good until Hopsin comes on. Jarren Benton is great and so is Dizzy. Hopsin's verse is disgusting and a bit funny, but mostly obnoxious and not that good. (7.5/10)

Tear to Snow
 : Terrible love song. (1/10)

Rip Your Heart Out
 : He sounds hungry, but the production is so damn bad. I don't really like it. I guess if you like Hopsin, you'll like this. (3/10)

Nollie Tre Flip
 : I think he's rapping about skateboarding, but I got bored after a minute, so I don't know. (1/10)

Gimmie That Money
 : The production is surprisingly good for a Hopsin record. You prolly shouldn't listen to me if you like Hopsin, but the story is fucking boring on this, not funny either. I hate Hopsin's accents and sarcasm. He sounds like a hippo getting deapthroated. (4/10)

I Need Help
 : The beat is good on here too. Hopsin's production has def improved. Even his hook is acceptable on this. His lyrics are mind-numbingly boring to me, though. For Hopsin, this is good material. (5/10)

Hip Hop Sinister
 : OH MY GOD!!!! This is motherfucking ground-breaking! It explains the whole album, it's all fucking coming together, OH SHIT. Mind fucking blown... I think I actually respect Hopsin now. Jk, it's another song about how he's better than everyone. Kill yourself Hopsin. (0/10)

Good Guys Get Left Behind
 : Do I even have to...? (0/10)

Bad Guys Get Left Behind
 : For a second there, it almost seemed Hopsin was self-aware, but no. Another rap about how he's better than everyone. That's not getting old. (0/10)

Old Friend
 : Give me back my HOOOOMMMMAAAAYYYYY!!! 10 points for the classic hook. (10/10)

Still Got Love For You
 : I'm trying to imagine what it would be like having sex to a Hopsin love song. I can imagine my dick getting flaccid and the girl turning around with contacts in her eyes and then I realize it's Hopsin and he's telling me to not smoke weed and eat my vegetables. WOAT hook on this song. Lyrics aren't that bad. (2/10)

Jungle Bash
 : This is right on the threshold of what qualifies as music and what doesn't. Anything less and it would be a fork scraping against a plate or the sound of someone dying. SwizZz may be even worse than Hopsin, so Hop kinda shines on this song. (0/10)

Lunch Time Cypher
 : "So tell me why your songs sound like Skittles and Rainbows, that's a dead giveaway you love to listen to Wayne, bro." Wow. (0/10)

Dream Forever
 : If you want to make a love song, you gotta have a good hook, someone explain that to Hopsin. The hook is horrendous. The rapping ain't so bad, though. (5/10)

What's My Purpose
 : The hooks keep getting worse as the album goes. It's actually really interesting. Hopsin has a knack for making the worst hooks ever. It's like a masterpiece of badness. I don't think I could make hooks this bad if I wanted. Anyway, the rest of the song is him complaining about the world. (0/10)

Caught in the Rain
 : He could have repeated one of the songs above, having it twice on the album, and I wouldn't have noticed. This is the kind of song you write when you're 7 and think is deep. (1/10)

 : The only good moments on the album were the features. Jarren Benton's, Tech N9ne's and Dizzy's 40 seconds destroy everything Hopsin spits. Maybe it's just because I'm a Hopsin hater, but I think this is the worst album I've ever heard. It's so gimmicky, predictable, boring, inane and generic. The fact that he said he was better than Kendrick is not even laughable. I just don't know how he can be so disillusioned.

The album is basically this: "I'm the best, I'm so misunderstood, why don't girls like me?, Wayne disses". The 13 year old defeners will love it, though.
Sorry if you're a Hopsin fan, but if anyone wants to argue this is good, I'll be open to it.

Final Score: (1/10)


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This is pretty awesome.


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Any other news from the Ustream?


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That guys opinion has no significance and you could tell right away when he said dizzy had a better verse than Hopsin. Sounds like a ktt bandwagoner.

@adeem wrote:This is pretty awesome.

Thats dope to see before the actual release date.



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lol he barely even listened to it. "The Fiends are Knocking : He's talking about how many people he's "saving" and how he changed the world."


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What website was that on? 

Im still waiting for mine to turn up, I try not to listen to too many songs off an album before I get the CD, I like to bang in a cd player and listen to it properly.

Coolguy 127

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Prob lilwaynehq or ktt. If it isn't give us the link to the forum your talkin about.



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He read that on /r/hiphopheads I read the same shit. Who cares. If its not Kanye or Kendrick HHH doesn't give a shit.

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