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Album cover Interpretation

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26 Re: Album cover Interpretation on 20/7/2013, 5:39 pm

Coolguy 127

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@Chokey wrote:still think my cover is the best

It's the g.o.a.t. It leaves Illmatic cover in dust.

27 Re: Album cover Interpretation on 20/7/2013, 11:44 pm


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@semaj116 wrote:
@BabySmacker wrote:
@AlwaysRaw wrote:
@Ken_Low wrote:Hopsin is not a "Industry trying to shut me up" rapper anymore.....You guys are gonna go into knock madness expecting one thing and its gonna be a whole nother story.....

The Ill mind 4 Hopsin is gone.....He is a different rapper now he even said it......He doesnt even sound the same anymore so i stick to it......I think the cover is him burying the old Hopsin
I wouldn't doubt this but... why would Hopsin change so quickly and throw away his character traits that got him famous?

Just me coming to my own conclusions based on what I am seeing...

Shortly after IMoH4 Hopsin started changing. I think that's about the time he started firmly believing in God. There isn't anything wrong with that. Hell, I don't even care if he raps about it....I just don't want it to be the bulk of his material. Which it thankfully isn't (yet). But I think it really started to make him feel bad for all the negative shit he thinks he was promoting. 

He KNOWS he has thousands of kids/teenagers listening to him now, there were not nearly this many a few years ago. That's not a bad thing really, but Marcus is going to be Marcus. His conscious will not allow him to continue the negative aggressive persona he used to have. Even if he drops a few raw gritty tracks here & there it will never be the bulk of his material again. Pretty much he wants to save the kids, I think. 

Puke i hope i'm wrong

 I agree with this. The reason why the change seems so sudden is because he didn't release anything during that time. Think about it. He went from Hop Madness to Ill Mind 6. It seems so quick to US because there was nothing in between, but to him it was a big enough space for him to really change as a person.
So is everyone pretty much saying knock madness wont be as good as raw?:(

I still have hope.  Based off behind the scenes videos lyricism is still there.  I am hoping we get raw hopsin and the "new" hopsin talks about fame and teh females rather than condemning people

28 Re: Album cover Interpretation on 21/7/2013, 3:09 am


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It's definitely going to be better than Raw, however Raw might show more "raw" stuff KM might just be all dope songs but only a small portion of them being raw, basically better beats, better hooks, more lyrical and more personal but the style wont be the same as Raw.

I think at the end of the day it will come down to personal taste because i'm pretty confident it will be better as a whole. Basically If it's better it will still have to fit your personal taste in theme, attitude and so on.. It's not only about if it's technically good or not. Lots of albums are "good" but don't appeal to anyone lol.


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