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HopSin UStream Oct 10

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1 HopSin UStream Oct 10 on 11/2/2013, 11:02 pm

Coolguy 127

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I was on Hopsin's UStream yesterday and "Tanner Guinn" was on it also. (I don't think it's the real one, cuz he says himself that he doesn't care about Hopsin) And "Tanner had commented "Hopsin Ruined F.V" (It does sound like something he would say but I don't know if it's him or not.) Anyways the clip is in the link below and it's at 1:05.


The other story is that. I'm on my UStream account and I asked him if he has a BBC. I knew he would check his facebook only, but he looked at the UStream questions and he read mine. "Do you have a BBC"? BTW when I'm saying BBC I don't mean the news channel. If you watch P0RN, you would know what BBC stands for. Hopsin 3 So assuming he knew what it meant, I asked him the question. He quietly read it at first, but that's probably cuz he didn't understand or something. OR maybe he doesn't have one!!?? Hopsin 5 Anyways here's the link and it starts at 2:45. He whispers it. He also has a confused look. Lol.

2 Re: HopSin UStream Oct 10 on 12/2/2013, 1:24 am


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8:00 of the first vid. RIP Headphone users lol.

Well if that didn't kill 'em, then 3:00 of the 2nd one will surely finish them off haha.

He saw your question looked confused af lol

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